Crystalline’s production unit specializes in the sourcing and production of Ethyl Alcohol through the process of fermentation and relevant distillation of agricultural raw materials such as sugar cane. Ethyl alcohol is used as a main ingredient in many products such as alcoholic beverages, aromas, preservatives, solvents, disinfectants and others


The Ethyl Alcohol produced by Crystalline is an essential and value-adding raw material for the production of alcoholic beverages due to its quality and purity. Our Extra Neutral Alcohol is a clear, colorless liquid with neutral odor. Ethanol contents are at least 96.6% by volume. It is produced by fermentation of molasses which undergoes continuous distillation.
Plant is designed on French technology provided from INTERIS (FRANCE). Process is completely automated from raw material to final product which ensures its quality by HONEYWELL (USA).
A number of European producers rely on Crystalline’s quality Ethanol for the production of their leading brands of alcohol beverages because our product has excellent organoleptic properties.
Super fine grade@ 80 M. Tons per day of 96.6% strength.


This grade of Ethanol produced by Crystalline is used for industrial purposes to manufacture value added chemicals like Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Acetone etc.
It contains impurities which makes it unsuitable for use in beverages. Due to 94% of ethanol contents it becomes a very demanding raw material for manufacturing of different chemicals.
B-Grade Ethanol @ 5M Tons per day of 94% strength.


We produce high quality Ethyl Alcohol with alcohol content of minimum 94% and maximum 96.6% by volume. However, customers can order ethanol for specific purposes with different denaturants which makes it unfit for human consumption and gives it a specific aroma, color and taste. It is used as an ingredient in cleaning detergents, glue, windscreen washer fluids and
solvents. We employ a common and a special method of denaturation. Denatured alcohol could also be used in the pharmaceutical industry and in cosmetic products. We can sell both super fine and low grade ethanol with al l kind of denaturing agents as per customer’s requirement.