Environmental Policy

At CCIPVT we are committed to preserving environment. It is realized that we live in a world where resources are finite and the eco-system has a limited capacity to absorb the load mankind is placing on it. That is why we make every effort to make sustainable development a reality. Some of our objectives are to increase recycling rates and improve effluent and waste management. These and other environmental concerns are exemplified in our environmental policy, which every employee is expected to uphold and implement.


  • Producing Ethanol with provision of safe and pollution free environment system both for internal as well as external surrounding areas.
  •  Compliance with regulatory requirements provided by environment regulatory bodies as per environmental laws in Pakistan.
  • Reviewing the impact of Ethanol product activities on the environment.
  • Establishing procedures in accordance with the regulatory requirements for assessing the impacts on the Environment.
  • Taking positive measures for continual improvement regarding the safe and healthy Environment in the CCI premises and neighboring communities.
  • Reviewing the objectives and targets as defined in the object sheet.

Safety Policy

At Crystalline Chemical Industries, our long-term success depends upon ensuring the safety of our workers, visitors to our operations, and the public.

As part of our policy,  we actively train our workers to

  • Reduce and Eliminate work accidents
  • Create a safe and healthy environment

The company has defined procedures and training sessions to avoid mishaps in instances of any unfortunate disaster such as

  • Fires
  • Natural Disasters

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